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Quard Quend

General benefits


Abrasion resistant steel offers a large number of benefits when manufacturing your products. Quard® goes further and gives you new opportunities to enhance your output.


Quard® gets its high hardness and strength through a precise water quenching process, ensuring 100% martensitic microstructure throughout the plate thickness .

Hardness consistency is controlled by the state of the art production process and steelmaking so that variations in hardness are to kept to a minimum.

Grade Typical rough handling applications
Quard 400/450 Dumper bodies, crushers, impact hammers, buckets, feeders, conveyors, bulldozers, compactors, cutters in shredders, etc.


Reduce the total weight of your vehicle, bucket, container vehicles, buckets, containers, etc.... by up to 40% (depending on the original design)!

When upgrading to Quard® from a lower strength steel, thinner plate thicknesses can be used to reach the same or improved function with respect to strength and wear resistance.

Major benefits:

  • lncrease in maximum payload
  • Reduction of fuel/energy consumption (per tonne of goods carried)
  • Reduced TCO
  • Positive environmental impact

For both steels


Benefit Positive impact on CO2
Strength Less maintenance of the material, less replacement, less waste => reduced tonnage to recycle.
Weight Higher payload, hence more to transport or lighter to convey => reduced energy consumption by tonne.
Durability Less waste of natural resources, less replacement => reduced tonnage to recycle.

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