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Quard Quend

Iveco-AMT dump trucks using Quard plates

6 july 2017

In June, 10 units of IVECO-AMT dump trucks made of Quard were delivered to PJSC Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK). The IVECO-AMT 753901 dump truck, of a total weight of 41t, was created in close cooperation between Iveco and NLMK. With a view to continuous improvement, the remarks on the first pilot version made 2 years led to the development of a self-dumping platform "AMT". IVECO-AMT also adapted the design to fulfill the double purpose of the dump trucks pursued by PJSC NLMK : the transportation of hot slag (with a temperature of about 180° C) and the transportation of liquid sludge. The sides of the tipper platform are 8mm thick and the bottom is 10mm thick with an additional lining of 6mm. As noted by the technical specialists of IVECO-AMT, Quard plates have a tight thickness tolerance, are easy to use with plasma cutting and are perfectly weldable. The dump truck was produced at the Miass plant of IVECO-AMT using Quard plates with a hardness of 400HB and 450HB. Only the abrasion resistant steel Quard could get the job done!

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