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Quard Quend

NLMK Clabecq was pleased to welcome Stålkompaniet

13 july 2017

NLMK Clabecq was very pleased to welcome Stålkompaniet who is distributing Quard & Quend in the Swedish market. Stålkompaniet took part in the Quard and Quend adventure from the beginning with very positive results. The whole team of Stålkompaniet was part of the trip which combined a visit of the mill with technical presentation of Quard and Quend. Angélique Sjö Hultqvist, Managing Director of Stålkompaniet:” I think it was a very interesting visit and all of us learned a lot about Quard and Quend. Useful information for us when we discuss with our customers about this material and also very interesting for the guys who work with the material in our stock every day. Thank you NLMK Clabecq for a great day! “

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