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Quard Quend

Our south American Q&T team visited CAT Brasil

29 june 2017

The Q&T sales teams of NLMK can always count on the support of the quality department of NLMK Clabecq, and the other way round. During one week, our South American Q&T team, supported by the Quality department, spent time to visit and support local customers. Redelvim Andrade, business Manager NLMK South America Sales : ‘It was a very productive week with very good technical support from the mill's quality department to our local customers.’ One of the visits was programmed at CAT Brasil, one of the Brazilian units of Caterpillar. The Belgian mill of NLMK received there the confirmation that the Quard and Quend steel plates were approved. It’s the close collaboration between the quality department and the on-site sales team which made it possible to achieve this goal. Thank you to CAT Brasil to give its trust to NLMK Europe Plate!

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