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Quard Quend

The Championship "BELAZ operators club" at BELAZ plant in October with Quard

10 october 2019

From October 2 to 4, the best BELAZ professional drivers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus were gathering at the premises of BELAZ plant to participate in the first championship “BELAZ Operators Club”. "BELAZ Operators Club" is a huge competition between the operators showing incredible accuracy and coordination between a driver and machinery. Professionals that operate BELAZ equipment competed not only for the championship’s title, but also to share the experience in BELAZ vehicles operation. Participants had to pass different trials: theoretical (knowledge assessment on BELAZ equipment construction and operation) and practical (test drive at the testing ground). The operators demonstrated professional steering mining dump trucks with the payload capacity of 55MT (BELAZ-7555В) and 130MT (BELAZ-75131). For this first championship, the prime sponsor was NLMK and its special steels Quard & Quend!

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