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Quard Quend

Unique properties

Our way of producing Quard® and the unique layout of our mill enables us to deliver Quard® with extra properties that make all the difference in your workshop: Quard®’s flatness and thickness tolerance assure® easy and consistent processing, and its excellent surface finish offers the benefit of high-quality results after treatment.


Quard® is top of his class in flatness.

This exceptional quality is obtained thanks to our investment in high-performance levelers, the use of cutting-edge technology and 3D laser systems for flatness control.

Process Advantages
Class S (EN 10029)
(7mm/m for thicknesses up to 40mm)
  • Improved handling and workshop processing of plates
  • Lower residual stresses in the plate, thus producing shape stability
  • More accurate design of manufactured parts and applications
Do you need an even better perfomance than Class S?
On special request, we can provide Quard® and Quend® in 50% Class S (up to 3,5 mm/m).

Thickness tolerances

Nominal thickness Lower Variation within a plate
3 ≤ t ≤ 5 -0,3 +0,3 0,5
5 < t ≤ 8 -0,3 +0,5 0,6

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