Уникальные свойства


Уникальные свойства

Our way of producing Quard and the unique layout of our mill enables us to deliver Quard with extra properties that make all the difference in your workshop: Quard’s flatness and thickness tolerance assure easy and consistent processing, and its excellent surface finish offers the benefit of high-quality results after treatment.


Quard is top of his class in flatness.

This exceptional quality is obtained thanks to our investment in high-performance levelers, the use of cutting-edge technology and 3D laser systems for flatness control.

Process Advantages
Class S (EN 10029)
(7mm/m for thicknesses up to 40mm)
  • Improved handling and workshop processing of plates
  • Lower residual stresses in the plate, thus producing shape stability
  • More accurate design of manufactured parts and applications

Thickness tolerances

thickness Lower Variation within 
a plate
3 ≤ t ≤  5 -0,3 +0,3 0,5
5  < t ≤ 8 -0,3 +0,5 0,6

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