About us

Clabecq description

Located in Ittre, Belgium, NLMK Clabecq produces steel plates of various thicknesses ranging from 3 to 64 mm for construction, shipbuilding, energy industries, transport and yellow goods, quarrying and mining equipment manufacturers. Its current production capacity is 750,000 tonnes a year.

Production layout

NLMK Clabecq is the only producer of heavy plates in the world with a roughing mill (also called a Quarto mill, due to its four cylinders) and a finishing mill with four independent stands on the same line.

The industrial advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency:
    • better process control
    • greater flexibility in the plate sizes
    • reduced production time
    • higher production capacity
    • no plate handling between the 2 mills
  • Enhanced Quality:
    • tighter thickness tolerances
    • increased flatness
    • superior surface characteristics
    • better consistency
  • Energy Efficiency:
    • limitation of temperature drop
    • reduced energy consumption (no need to reheat the plate)
  1. Reheating furnace

  2. Quarto (roughing mill)

  3. Finishing mill

  4. Hot leveler

  5. Hydraulic shears and making

  6. UST

  7. Cold leveler

  8. stock black plates

  9. Shot-blasting machine

  10. Austenitizing furnace

  11. Quenching

  12. Cold leveler

  13. Online hardness testing

  14. Plasma cutting

  15. Shot-blasting machine

  16. Painting line

  17. Marking


A strong and constant investment

  • 2023 Rolling Mill – Phase 2

    Modernization of 4 stand finishing mill

    Advantages of the full rolling mill investments (phase I and II) for thin plates:

    • High strength ranges with best-in-class surface quality
    • Tight flatness and dimensional tolerances
    • Reducing gas consumption and CO2 output
  • 2022 140kT Q&T sold

    Since commissioning, Q&T sales have been growing at an average pace of 24% per annum

    Profitability reestablished
    Company’s consistent strategy, industrial transformation and operational excellence resulted in a step improvement in financials over the last 3 years.

  • 2021 Rolling Mill – Phase 1

    New Descaling system with 2 new descalers

  • 2019 New Strategy

    Implementation of a new strategy of product mix and production lines, that resulted in

    • Leaner operational set up
    • Better competitiveness due to improved productivity
    • Concentration on high value-added niche products
  • 2011 Q&T line

    Quenching and tempering line with annual capacity of 170 kT and introducing accelerated cooling system