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In today’s world where recycling plays a significant role, machines involved in handling and processing various types of waste need to operate continuously. Quard®, as a high-quality abrasion resistant steel, is the ideal choice for ensuring productive and uninterrupted recycling work. Its exceptional resistance to wear enables an extended service life compared to other steel, including hard varieties.  Make the smart choice and opt for Quard®.


Recycling has never been so integrated in our lives than today. In order to absorb the mass of garbage of all kinds to be recycled, all the machines need to perform at all time. As a high quality abrasion resistant steel, Quard® is the right component to use to ensure a productive and continuous recycling work.


Thanks to its superior upholding against wear, by using Quard®, it is possible to increase their SERVICE life, even compared with other steel, even the hard ones.
When incorporating Quard® in the production of crushing, pulverizing and other recycling equipment exposed to heavy abrasion, you benefit also from an increased workability. So cutting it, bending it or welding it becomes also an asset for the productivity in the workshop.
So, go for Quard®!

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