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When it comes to agricultural work involving intensive wear, such as harvesting and storing crops, reliability is crucial. That’s why choosing Quard® from NLMK Clabecq is a sensible decision. With its exceptional hardness and resistance to wear, Quard® offers a lifetime that is more than three times longer than standard structural steel, while reducing the weight of structural elements by 40%. When selecting agricultural machinery, it’s important to consider components made of Quard® to ensure durability and efficiency in the field.


Exploiting soils can be a source of intensive wear, like harvesting and storing crops. And as in agriculture, work cannot wait for another day, the machines used need to be reliable at any time and in all circumstances. Choosing for Quard® becomes then common sense.

3.2-64 thickness range

Thanks to its hardness and its high resistance to wear, the abrasion resistant steel of NLMK Clabecq has a lifetime more than three times higher compared to the standard structural steel and reduce the weight of the structural element by 40%.
So, when you choose an agricultural machinery, think also to require components made of Quard®.

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