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If you’re searching for steel that allows you to develop higher booms while reducing thickness without compromising reliability, look no further than Quend®. Developed by NLMK Europe, this High Yield Strength Steel offers superior tensile strength, thickness tolerances, and flatness. Additionally, Quend® provides excellent workability, enhancing cutting, bending, and welding capabilities. In summary, Quend® is your partner in achieving superior performance in lifting equipment.


Looking for steel enabling you to keep developing the highest booms along with decreasing the thickness but without compromising on reliability? You’ve found it: Quend®.  The High Yield Strength Steel developed by NLMK Europe offers indeed superior properties in terms of tensile strength, thickness tolerances and flatness. This combination of factors helps you to reach your highest ambitions.


The Quend® plates are produced with the best attention, from degassed slabs and the four-stand finishing mill to the high precision quenching & tempering and the accurate levelling. This mastered process cares also for the consistent quality. So when you order Quend®, you are sure of getting premium plates. With a bonus: its high workability!
The top class properties in terms of thickness tolerances, flatness and surface finish characterizing Quend® are the key for the increased performances in cutting, bending or welding. Where accuracy is needed to manufacture booms, Quend®’s high workability becomes an asset to get optimal processing results in the workshop.
In a nutshell, Quend® accompanies you to boost your performance in lifting equipment.

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