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In quarry operations, where hard natural elements pose challenges, durable and resistant materials are essential for machinery. The abrasion resistant steel, Quard®, is perfectly suited for this task, ensuring long service life and controlled hardness. Machines such as dumpers, crushers, and grinders can continue working while others may need to halt due to wear.


For hard natural elements found in the quarries, strong and resistant material must be used on the machines. With repeated frictions of earth elements on the components, only quality steel can ensure a long service time of the tools.
The abrasion resistant steel Quard® suits perfectly this task. With a proven longevity and well controlled hardness, machines like dumpers, crushers, grinders keep working while others have to stop.


At all stages of the quarry cycle (extraction, transformation, transportation), Quard® makes the difference.
Through the use of Quard®, it is possible to increase the life of the product for more than three times compared with conventional structural steel marks, and reduce the weight of the structural element by 40%.

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