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Askon Demir’s visit strengthens partnership

Events  -  30 Jun 2024

The recent visit from our Quard Ambassador Askon Demir, a leading Turkish service center, was a significant moment in our partnership. During their visit, we conducted comprehensive technical training sessions for their sales representatives on QUARD and QUEND. These sessions aimed to deepen their understanding of our advanced steel products, covering technical details, benefits, and applications, enabling them to provide informed advice to their customers.

In addition to technical training, we discussed various sales and marketing approaches, as well as customer engagement techniques, to align our efforts in highlighting the strengths and benefits of our products. The Askon Demir team visited our production facilities, where they saw our advanced technology and skilled workforce in action. This highlighted the high standards we uphold throughout our production process.

To accompany our Quard Ambassador during their tour in Belgium, NLMK Turkey sent one of their representatives, Pavel Pastushkov. We value our joint cooperation with Askon Demir, and it was important to involve our local branch.

As anticipated, the visit strengthened our partnership through open communication and collaborative discussions. We greatly appreciate Askon Demir’s feedback on the various topics discussed. We look forward to welcoming Askon Demir again soon to further discuss mutual growth and success.