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Ekoinstal Holding in Poland appointed as Quard Ambassador

News  -  06 Feb 2024

NLMK Europe’s Plate division is pleased to announce the appointment of Ekoinstal Holding as the Quard Ambassador for Poland, starting 1st January 2024. This partnership is a natural outcome of their long-lasting history of joint projects. It marks a new stage of cooperative market activities, combining the efforts of NLMK Clabecq and Ekoinstal Holding.

The launch of the Quard Ambassador initiative is aimed at boosting the visibility of QUARD® and QUEND®, the two flagship Quenched and Tempered plate brands of NLMK Europe. Known for its outstanding abrasion resistance, QUARD® is suited for intensive use in harsh conditions. QUEND® plates stand out for their superior yield strength, meeting the demanding safety and durability requirements in tough industrial situations.

This collaboration with Ekoinstal Holding aligns with NLMK Europe’s strategy to engage in partnerships with established entities, providing them extensive support in strategic planning, technical know-how, and marketing. This partnership is a step towards reinforcing QUARD® and QUEND®’s footprint in Poland’s premium steel plate market, leveraging Ekoinstal Holding’s expertise, their professional steel service solutions, and a committed sales force.

Jan Klusko, Chairman of Ekoinstal Holding’s Board of Directors, expressed his positive outlook on the bilateral agreement: “Ekoinstal Holding is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with a renowned partner, NLMK Clabecq, in the supply and sale of wear-resistant and high-strength plates and components made from the above-mentioned plates. This cooperation opens new opportunities for Ekoinstal Holding and allows it to offer customers even more advanced solutions. Wear-resistant plates from the QUARD® range and higher strength plates from the QUEND® range are extremely important in many sectors, such as heavy industry, construction and automotive. They provide greater strength and wear resistance, which translates into longer service life and greater economic efficiency. I believe that this cooperation will bring many benefits to both Ekoinstal and its customers and will strengthen our company’s position as a supplier of high-quality, innovative products. We are proud of this new cooperation and are confident that together with NLMK Clabecq we will achieve even greater success on the Polish market.”

Reflecting on the agreement, Peter Selbach, Chief Commercial Officer at NLMK Europe – Plate, stated: “Forming a strategic partnership with Ekoinstal Holding is a significant step forward in our mission to deliver superior quality steel plates to the rapidly growing Polish market. This collaboration highlights our commitment to the Polish market. Together, we can leverage our shared goals, complementary capabilities, and experience ensuring that QUARD® and QUEND® become synonymous with quality and reliability among Polish manufacturers.”

Klaudiusz Raszka, the Quard Ambassador Program Manager, emphasized, “The Quard Ambassador program is designed to not only promote our high-quality QUARD® and QUEND® plates but also to forge strong, lasting relationships with key industry players like Ekoinstal Holding. By working closely together, we aim to enhance the value we deliver to our customers and set new standards in the industry”
The collaboration between NLMK Europe and Ekoinstal Holding, appointing EH as the Quard Ambassador in Poland, marks a significant change in the Polish quenched and tempered plates market. This partnership not only strengthens EH’s leadership in Poland but also confirms QUARD® and QUEND® as leading international brands.