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To maximize load capacity while minimizing environmental impact, lightweight structures are essential for the transportation industry. Quend®, NLMK Clabecq’s high yield strength steel with structural element weight reductions of up to 20%. On the other hand, Quard®, NLMK’s abrasion resistant steel, is specifically designed for tipper and dumper truck manufacturers, providing hardness and resistance to friction in demanding conditions.


Millions of tons of goods are conveyed every day in the world. In order to maximize the load by traject with the least impact on the environment, lightweight structure becomes a necessity.
On the one hand, the premium segment Quend®, the high yield strength steel developed by NLMK Clabecq, enables the truck manufacturers to develop chassis and trailers able to decrease the overall weight while increasing the total load mass: the weight reduction of structural elements can reach 20%. Thanks to high workability, Quend® reduces the production time. It results in a performance improvement.


On the other hand, Quard®, NLMK’s abrasion resistant steel, has been specifically developed for manufacturers of tippers and dumper trucks. Its hardness and its ability to resist to frictions, resulting among others from load charging and discharging, strengthen the machine reliability, even in the hardest conditions. Available from 3,2mm, Quard® makes it possible to think at new designs with a lower thickness.

Quard Pro : more resistant, more workable

The new advanced abrasion resistant steel of NLMK Clabecq is designed to offer a higher wear resistance than Quard 450 and better workability than Quard 500. In brief, the best of both worlds. For dump truck bodies, its increased abrasion resistance and toughness reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency. Moreover, using Quard Pro instead of Quard 500 improves welding operations, as it allows for a lower recommended preheating temperature, simplifying the process and raccelerating the manufacturing process.

Other applications

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