Quard at work

What is Quard at work

The QUARD at Work program is a certification of recognition by NLMK for the excellence of partner companies in the processing and manufacturing of high wear-resistant parts, using QUARD® and QUEND® steels as raw materials.

Become a partner

Benefits for the customers of our customers

Created with the aim of ensuring the best technical results and the development of the special steel market, the Quard at Work program is a system that benefits not only certified companies but also their customers. Parts manufactured by program members receive the Quard at Work Quality Seal, which guarantees that they have been processed according to the appropriate technical parameters to achieve superior quality. In addition, all plates are marked and have a certificate of origin, allowing for complete traceability of the raw materials used in the parts.

Image showing the plates of Nlmk.

Benefits for the partner

The advantages for certified companies are numerous:

  • engineering technical support for product development,
  • technical training for production and sales,
  • dedicated inventory,
  • exposure of partner brands and in cases in fairs, events, and specialized media,
  • exclusive commercial conditions.